Mental Meat Heads - Nashville, TN - April 2016

Fitness Industry Legends Dan John and Chip Conrad share the secret blueprint to building an adult fitness program that will get your clients the results they want - so you can have the healthy business you deserve 

Dan John

Chip Conrad

During this exclusive 2-day event, you’ll be working hands-on with Dan and Chip to learn the

most effective ways to assess, train, and have fun with your clients

Dear Coach,

Are you looking to grow your training business, but just can’t seem to find the help you need to make it happen?

It seems like everywhere you look these days, there’s a book, or certification promising some new training system that will help your clients transform into “beasts” or get “shredded”.

Sure, these sound like what we think our clients want, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

These training methods might actually be hurting your fitness business - in a big way!

You see, while most of the information out there is mainly marketed to help 2 types of clients:

  • The ultra-hardcore who value intensity over everything (even if it sends people to the surgeon!)

  • The super-soft who only want fun and easy (but never get real results)

...but none of it focuses on helping the majority of people who are willing and able to actually pay you what you deserve!

Sure, it’s fun working with die-hard clients who will do anything & everything you say - but the truth is it’s almost impossible to build a profitable business that way.

If you want to grow a business that will enable you to help more people and create a better life for you and your family - you’ll need to become a master at training the 80% (or more) of the population who are just everyday folks looking to get healthier and not get hurt.

Learn How To Get Your Clients Real Results - Without Crushing Them Into Dust

The Mental Meat Heads Workshop was created to help serious coaches just like you quickly install proven systems that will bring high-paying clients in the door.

This system was built with two main goals:

To create life-changing strength and fat loss results for clients - without beating them into the ground or causing injuries

To make each and every workout unique and fun - for both the client and the coach

Once your program has both in place, you’ll have a standout business!

In order to learn these systems, you’ll be working with two of the best in the business - Dan John and Chip Conrad.

Dan John: The Blueprint For Training Clients In The Real World

If you’ve been around the fitness industry for more than a few minutes, you know how widely respected Dan is - and with good reason. After more than three decades in the game, he’s seen and done more than almost anyone.

Dan will be sharing with you the exact blueprint he uses to motivate average people into becoming leaner, stronger, healthier versions of themselves.

You’ll learn from Dan:

  • How to run a training program that gets results for ANY client - no matter their starting fitness level

  • The effective way to assess each client… without having to put them through an awkward “assessment”!

Chip Conrad: How To Make Your Program FUN
(and stand out from the competition!)

As you might know, it’s not just about having the ‘perfect’ training system - it has to be fun or clients won’t stick around. And there’s no one better at keeping workouts fresh and fun than Chip Conrad.

Chip doesn’t just believe in using one method - he’s seen and done it all. By combining his love for all things training (including powerlifting and gymnastics, among others) with his passion for the history of physical culture, he’ll show you how to take the best parts from each philosophy and add them into your current training program.

Not only will this get your clients better results - it will help you stand out from the swarm of cookie-cutter training programs and big box gyms.

Chip will show you:

  • How to take the Dan John’s blueprint and add an extra layer of fun and excitement that will keep your clients begging to know what happens next

  • How to combine parkour, partner drills, and game-based exercises with the tools and training you already use

Mental Meat Heads 12: Nashville, Tennessee (April 23 & 24)

During this intimate 2 day workshop, you’ll not only hear from Dan & Chip, you’ll also have the opportunity to use these drills in hands-on practical sessions.

By working as a group, you and your fellow attendees will learn how to observe, coach, and correct these exercises.

Sign Up By April 1 and Save!

Normally, this 2-day intensive workshop costs $999, but sign up by 4/1 and save $300 on what everyone else will pay!

Click Here to sign up now and get your spot for only $699.


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Nashville, Tennessee 37210​

Amanda Crutcher

Gave me creativity and clarity in my programming”

Before coming to Mental Meat Heads, I was confused about programming for my client’s needs. The workshop gave me clarity in programming and helped inspire more creativity in the movements used.

Mental Meat Heads is about more than just movements - it’s about evaluating your client’s needs, charting a plan, and bringing in passion to help them succeed”

The instructors were even better than I had imagined. I learned fun and creative ways to approach fitness, as well as how to assess and prioritize movement and strength needs.

Not only did I discover new movements and combinations, I was able to understand WHY I should incorporate them.

Steve Ulrich
Cheree Kimball

Mental Meat Heads is where I realized what I needed to do and who I wanted to help”

The Austin Mental Meat Heads workshop was where I started to see what I wanted to do with my teaching. It wasn’t helping people who were already perfect - I want to help people who have lost touch with how to move and don’t know what their bodies were capable of.

Mental Meat Heads cracked open this realization and gave me glimpses of what that could (and should) look like.

Brought back joy and excitement to my training after 10 years in the field!”

After 10 years as a trainer/coach, I lacked direction for how to use the knowledge I had accumulated. Dan and Chip sent me on a new path to applying what I already knew, and added things I didn’t know that I still use over a year later.

The best part is I’ve simplified my programming and now longer get bogged down in the details. It brings back joy and excitement to my training!”

Geoffrey Blake
Jody Woodland

I worry MUCH less about my programming. I’m much more relaxed and see noticeable improvements in every session”

I used to struggle creating programs that were effective and interesting, without being overwhelming. I would try to fit EVERYTHING into one week, but I was just overdoing it.

Dan and Chip provided an excellent framework for thinking about needs and creating programs to meet them. Using a “less is more” philosophy, programming is much more relaxed - it seems “light”, but there’s still noticeable improvement in each session”

I’m much more connected to my tribe!”

There are so many directions you can be pulled in this industry, it’s too easy to get swept up in the minutiae. Mental Meat Heads helped me focus so I can treat each client like a member of my tribe. I have the confidence to stick to the basics, meaning more empathy for my clients and better attention to the important details.

Jim Lyons
Kenton Boutwell

Mental Meat Heads was the beginning of my journey into movement…”

I always knew there was more to training than just the standard 24/7 gyms full of machines and treadmills. Mental Meat Heads opened my eyes to a different training philosophy - including ideas that were not mainstream. These concepts helped me create safer, more efficient training programs for my clients so that they can reach their goals.